How to sell your house fast for cash

Unless you are living within the M25 you will have noticed that it is a very difficult market to sell your property. Deposit requirements at an all time high, this, compounded with a lack of disposable income mean by the time the average first time buyer has saved enough for a deposit they are almost 40 years old.

So with the housing market stuttering, what are your options if you still want to sell your house fast for cash?

If you have ever had your property on the market with an estate agent and you have tried speaking to them about getting it sold quicker, their only answer is to “drop the asking price” by another £20-30,000. Unfortuantely that doesn’t even guarantee a viewing nevermind an offer or even a sale.

To get a guaranteed offer and a quick sale you need to be dealing direct with the buyers themselves. This way you get a swift offer without any agents muddying the water. You can also get your legal fees paid meaning the amount you are offered will be what you shall receive.

If you would like to sell your house fast for cash fill in the quick quote opposite and one of the team shall get in touch.