Empty homes over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and this means temperatures are dropping. If you own a property that is sat empty you need to ensure you are protected from pipes freezing. The best way to do this is to have the heating system drained down ensuring there is no water left in the system. If you have a modern boiler they generally have a frost setting keeping the system ticking over. If you fail to protect your system it could prove an expensive mistake.

During the festive period buglary levels rise as theives target homes expecting expensive presents to be sat waiting. If your property is empty this can be more appealing with the cost of scrap metal rising. Try to keep the property looking lived in to peturb any wannabe theives.

You should check on the property as often as you can just to ensure its safety and make sure the neighbours have your contact details.

Should you want to get your property sold quick than your estate agents are managing please give us a call and talk to the team for a free quote. With a cash offer and completion in days you can get rid off the worry that comes with having a home stood empty.

The hidden costs of selling your house through an estate agent

So you are looking at downsizing, maybe relocating to another city, moving in with your partner or moving away from a partner. Whatever the reason the house needs to be sold. So you open the newspaper and phone three local estate agents. You have to leave a message for one as it was lunchtime but arrange for one agent to pop round for a valuation. They turn up in a flash car and a sharp suit promising the world all for ‘no sale no fee’. You agree to give it a go and put the house on the market for £99,950.

Fast forward 18 months and you have finally exchanged and completion is around the corner. You missed out on the dream house 12 months ago and another 5 months ago. You could have done with the cash sooner but none the less you have exchanged and completion will happen… but for £76,500. Lack of activity at the start meant your agent suggested slashing the price by £10,000. After you had a chain collapse you then dropped it again to £79,950 with an open day shortly after. You finally get an interested party and after some haggling you finally agree on £76,500.

You’ve already had to pay £100 for an Energy Performance Certificate at the start of the process. £500 for extra advertising in the paper and on Rightmove. Your solicitors bill is fast approaching £1,500. The in house mortgage broker has charged £400 for your new property. You’ve been paying £410 per month mortgage for the past 18 months (£7,380). The completion statement has come through from the solicitors and after you’ve paid your 2% estate agents commission (£1,530) its barely enough to cover your mortgage.

How do you even put a cost to the stress of the past 18 months.

It’s no wonder more people are turning to professional property buyers in order to skip the hassle and get their property sold immediately. With all their fees paid and a completion in 4-6 weeks it is a very quick and straight forward alternative to selling on the open market.

How to sell your house fast for cash

Unless you are living within the M25 you will have noticed that it is a very difficult market to sell your property. Deposit requirements at an all time high, this, compounded with a lack of disposable income mean by the time the average first time buyer has saved enough for a deposit they are almost 40 years old.

So with the housing market stuttering, what are your options if you still want to sell your house fast for cash?

If you have ever had your property on the market with an estate agent and you have tried speaking to them about getting it sold quicker, their only answer is to “drop the asking price” by another £20-30,000. Unfortuantely that doesn’t even guarantee a viewing nevermind an offer or even a sale.

To get a guaranteed offer and a quick sale you need to be dealing direct with the buyers themselves. This way you get a swift offer without any agents muddying the water. You can also get your legal fees paid meaning the amount you are offered will be what you shall receive.

If you would like to sell your house fast for cash fill in the quick quote opposite and one of the team shall get in touch.

Selling an inherited property

If a relative or friend has passed away you will know it is a very stressful and emotional time. There can be lots of administration on the estate and applying for probate takes a long time. A property is generally the largest asset in a persons estate which is why more people are turning to private sales in order to settle the estate according to the will, quickly with the minimum of fuss.

A quick sale coupled with no fees means it is very straight forward for the executors and beneficiaries to know where they stand in relation to the estate meaning everyone can get closure.

For more information on probate visit the Gov.uk website.